Voting for a new name for the School

Following the collation of the suggestions for a new name for the school, the School Council has shortlisted the following 7 names for consideration:

· Merri College

· Merri P-12 College

· Merri Specialist School

· Wollaston College

· Wollaston P-12 College

· Wollaston Specialist School

· Warrnambool Specialist School

Please click on the link below if you would like to submit you favorite name.

Click here to Submit Name


RDA started back for 4th term this week. This term will go very quick with all riders participating in the South West Games next month.

Woodwork at TAFE Deakin campus

Every Tuesday this term the VCAL students are enrolled in a woodwork module. They will be making a small piece
of furniture. The first session was learning how to use the tools. Cutting straight edges and mitre cuts were practiced this

Principal’s message

Welcome to Warrnambool Special Developmental School.

Warrnambool SDS is an innovative and vibrant school that is highly regarded for its educational programs and highly skilled staff. The school improves outcomes for students through a curriculum that focuses on the learning of academic, technological and social skills. The goal for our students is for each one to reach their highest potential and become responsible, valued, and productive global citizens and life-long learners.

Senior students and WWEB Patrol

Are busy potting up an assortment of plants for our fete in November.  If you have any plants or cuttings you would like to donate to the school for our fete please send them along to school for us to care for until fete day on the 23rd November!

Safe Schools

Warrnambool Special Development School is proud to announce that we are committed to be part of the Victorian Government Safe Schools innovative. We strive to create a learning environment that is welcoming and inclusive to all, including those who are (or whose family is) LGBTIQ+.


During term 1 and 2, the CPAL students completed the first SPEC module. The students have completed their Next Steps module and are about to begin the Managing Self module. Throughout the semester the students looked at how to become involved in activities outside of school, apply for jobs, plan trips using public transport, fill out forms and solve problems when in the community. The students completed several tasks in the classroom as well as out in the community. Each student commented on their favourite part of the Next Steps module and are keen to get started on the next challenge.



Remember to send in any old tooth brushes or toothpaste tubes you may have collected over the holidays. All of the old and used dental products will be sent off to Terracycle at the end of October.
At the WWEB Patrol meeting on Thursday students collected general rubbish from all of the classrooms and staffroom. A Waste Audit will be undertaken, similar to the one on ‘The War on Waste’ to check that our waste is being placed in the correct bins. Stay tuned to find out the results!


On Friday Luke along with his mum, dad and sister made the trip to Elmore for the Victorian Rda championships.

Luke competed in three classes on Saturday.  Dressage, show jumping and working trails.

In the walk led dressage class he finished 4th.  The show jumping poles class Luke on Elargee Rhydian finished 1st.  The working trails results are not in yet.  Along with the ribbons Luke also collected a saddle blanket, bucket and carrots.

Luke had family from Shepparton also come to support him. 

This has been a huge commitment for Luke and his family.  Luke had been practising for months with his family and at the Warrnambool RDA centre.

Our School

Warrnambool Special Developmental School was first established in 1989 having being previously the school section of the Yalundah Disability Services.  In 1992 staff and students relocated into new premises situated in Hyland Street.

The school is a special educational setting presently catering for 140 students (aged between 5 and 18) who have an intellectual disability and have met the eligibility criteria for enrolment.  This criteria has been determined by the Department of Education as having an IQ of below 70 as well as significant deficits in adaptive behaviour and displaying a history and evidence of an ongoing problem, with the expectation of continuation during the school years.

Contact Us

Warrnambool Special
Development School

101 Hyland Street
Warrnambool  3280  VIC

Phone:  (03) 55611711
Fax:  (03) 55613306